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Curating Curiosities: A Community Visual Arts Exhibit

Curating Curiosities is a community visual arts exhibit in the JUMP Lobby that gives the public a chance to view local artwork of different types including paintings, drawings and photography. We invite participating artists to be present during First Thursdays in the Lobby, and if interested to share their inspiration and background with the community during a Connecting Community. Local artists of all levels and backgrounds are invited to submit works of art that will be displayed in the JUMP Lobby for approximately three weeks

If interested in sharing your artwork, please complete and submit the following application.

June 6th-24th

Featured Artist 

Carla Copeland-Meyer

Carla was born in Los Angeles, Ca. in 1976. She has always been artistic since childhood. Dabbling in pencil drawing and watercolors, she began working heavily in oil paints in 2010. Carla moved to Boise from San Diego, Ca. in 2005. She lives in the East End Foothills. She has 4 children (Cadan, Kailin, Ronen & Rosen), 2 dogs (Neo & Sera”Phine”) and 2 pond fish(Sunny & The Drifter).

"For me painting is a conversation with my internal self as to what direction I should go with a brush or palette knife. I am sometimes inspired by people or events, but always by emotion. I love the feeling of heavy paint on a palette knife. I love to scrap, shake and smooth the heavy paints, especially oils. There is no feeling like it for me. My favorite thing to do is Impasto. I enjoy thick and heavy paints with a lot of texture. I love the creation and sometimes frustrated destruction. It's a good place to let out my joy and/or my disappointment.
I like to think art gives us a license to stare. We love to watch and stare but so many look away when faced with eye contact. Color, line and texture feed the human need to look and examine in detail without fear of it staring back." ~ Carla