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Curating Curiosities: A Community Visual Arts Exhibit

Curating Curiosities is a community visual arts exhibit in the JUMP Lobby that gives the public a chance to view local artwork of different types including paintings, drawings and photography. Participating artists will be present to meet with the public during First Thursdays in the Lobby, and will also share their inspiration and background with the community during a Connecting Community presentation followed by a Q and A. Local artists of all levels and backgrounds are invited to submit works of art that will be displayed in the JUMP Lobby for approximately three weeks. If interested in sharing your artwork, send an inquiry to

Wildlife Exhibition Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the World Center for Birds of Prey

January 16th – February 3rd
By: Norman Nelson, Bryce Robinson, Tempe Reagan & Derek Norsworthy

Please join the Birds of Prey NCA Partnership and our partner groups on First Thursday (February 1st) at the Kick Off Party for the 25th Anniversary of the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. This event will include live birds of prey, live music, snacks and free beer from Lost Grove Brewing, local artwork, and interactive activities for kids and adults. Wine will be available for purchase. We will also provide information about additional 25th Anniversary Celebration events scheduled throughout 2018, including: interpretative hikes, habitat restoration projects, trash clean up events, the Snake River Raptor Fest, NCA Film Night, and the NCA Commemoration Event.  


Norman Nelson

Norman has always sought out serene landscapes and wild creatures in Idaho's pristine wilderness.  He backpacks in carrying watercolor art materials for quick sketches.   From these he creates oil paintings using a combination of impasto techniques, some with painting knives, others with more traditional layering approaches.  He's drawn to the heavy, clean, texture of oil paint that has been mixed on glass without any influence from medium, or brush residue.  He hopes the viewer is inspired by the presentation of work that opens a door, provides a pathway into a vast landscape in a large painting.  Painting actual places provides true evidence of nature and man together.  He does his best to give an impression of his experience with a landscape and to the people it attracts. Finally, he hopes to keep the viewer in the painting by finding an eye line that is not escaped until the rewards are felt.  It is best to view his work with a long look as these images need to sink in before they connect.

Bryce W. Robinson

Explore Robinson's creative study of birds through illustration, photography, and writing.

Research Interests: Biogeography and phylogeography of birdlife; mechanisms of speciation; subspecies and species concepts;  evolution of life history traits including migration, breeding strategies, song, plumage, and molt strategies; multimedia documentation of avian natural history;  specimen preparation and utilization in research; integration of ornithological illustration in communicating science.

Tempe Regan

Ever since Tempe was very young, almost from the moment she could walk and talk, animals and nature have completely captivated her. It all began with searching for frogs, and salamanders, as well as eagerly marking the return of several pairs of Canada geese that nested in the beaver ponds surrounding her house each spring. As a result of this inspiration, at the age of 12, she knew she wanted to be a wildlife biologist. Since then, everything she has pursued professionally, artistically, and in her free time center on nature and wildlife.  The many different landscapes as well as the breathtaking variety of creatures making up our natural world bring her deep inspiration and joy.  For as long as it lasts, her job, and hopefully yours too, is to conserve and protect the earth so that future generations can experience the beauty and diversity that currently surround us. It is this Earth and all its biological diversity that continue to inspire her artistically as she seeks to capture the beauty, incredible intricacies, and deep satisfaction that can be found by observing nature through her art.

Derek Norsworthy

Derek Norsworthy is an artist born in 1972 in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Derek works in many mediums including acrylic painting, wood-carving, pyrography, photography, printmaking, and mixed medium. Most recently Derek was represented at NfiniT Gallery in Boise, Idaho. He has also shown work at Flame Italian restaurant in Eagle, Idaho and Victoria's Pasta Shop in Norman, Oklahoma. He has had photographs published in Issue 5 of Open Window Review, as well as placing in multiple juried shows while attending school. Derek has worked out of Boise, Idaho since 2004.