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Curating Curiosities: A Community Visual Arts Exhibit

Curating Curiosities is a community visual arts exhibit in the JUMP Lobby that gives the public a chance to view local artwork of different types including paintings, drawings and photography. We invite participating artists to be present during First Thursdays in the Lobby, and if interested to share their inspiration and background with the community during a Connecting Community. Local artists of all levels and backgrounds are invited to submit works of art that will be displayed in the JUMP Lobby for approximately three weeks

If interested in sharing your artwork, please complete and submit the following application

February Artist: Bob Wilder

Bob Wilder seeks to give students and community members a view of themselves, their heritage and the world through oil painting, drawing and watercolor. He encourages students to express their individuality through use of various techniques and materials.

A native of Richmond Virginia, Bob first won a four year art scholarship to a Virginia college, but joined the Air Force as an illustrator. With an honorable discharge, he learned that four years in the Air Force equals four years of college. Within two months he worked beside art graduates in the Virginia State Department of Transportation Art Model Shop, where he designed silk screen posters and other projects along with a diorama.

Not wanting to wast his G.I. Bill, Bob attended Virginia Commonwelth University, and after one year, went on to graduate from Penn State University with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree. Before graduating, the university offered a position in the Art Communications department, where he created art for a daily television program called "Weather World," the Penn Stater Magazine, and many other art related projects for the university professors. After eight years at the university, he was given a Top Secret position as an illustratior at Goodfellow Air Force Base, An Angelo, Texas.  

In 2006 Bob retired as an illustrator from the Publications Department at Quantico Martine Corps Base in Quantico, Virgina. He also received an award from the Pentagon for the conception and painting of the National Guard poster.