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Curating Curiosities: A Community Visual Arts Exhibit

Curating Curiosities is a community visual arts exhibit in the JUMP Lobby that gives the public a chance to view local artwork of different types including paintings, drawings and photography. We invite participating artists to be present during First Thursdays in the Lobby, and if interested to share their inspiration and background with the community during a Connecting Community. Local artists of all levels and backgrounds are invited to submit works of art that will be displayed in the JUMP Lobby for approximately three weeks

If interested in sharing your artwork, please complete and submit the following application.

Featured Artist for January

Danica Thurber

Everything changed when I lost my dad to a sudden massive heart attack. It was the night of October 20, 2003. I was 12 years old.

I moved to Boise, ID in 2018, but Vancouver, WA is where I grew up. I had always been artistic (mom and dad were both very talented), and so it was only natural for me to begin processing my loss through my own artwork. I attended Washington State University in Pullman, WA and formed my undergraduate thesis around the idea that artists throughout history and across cultures have always turned to art to process their griefs. In 2017, my husband, my brother and I formed ProjectGrief.Org. The website is a collection of online courses and resources that teach anyone - not just artists! - to use art as a tool for their own grief recovery. ProjectGrief.Org is a labor of love, just like my artwork. I hope that as people see my individual story of loss, they can also see themselves and the human condition. Loss is a part of all our lives; it is up to us what we make of it from here.