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Curating Curiosities: A Community Visual Arts Exhibit

Curating Curiosities is a community visual arts exhibit in the JUMP Lobby that gives the public a chance to view local artwork of different types including paintings, drawings and photography. Participating artists will be present to meet with the public during First Thursdays in the Lobby, and will also share their inspiration and background with the community during a Connecting Community presentation followed by a Q and A. Local artists of all levels and backgrounds are invited to submit works of art that will be displayed in the JUMP Lobby for approximately three weeks. If interested in sharing your artwork, send an inquiry to

June Artist: Elizabeth Hilton

I was born in West Boise back when it wasn't quite suburban sprawl. There were the irregularly interspersed neighborhoods among the more frequent farmland and dusty dirt roads. Plum and locust trees converged on the many ditches and canals, which bisected the ground in their particularly man-made way, all straight lines and right angles.

Colors and images from my childhood play a strong role in my inspiration. Old pink, turquoise, and even the yellowed paper from old novels, take me back to that half pleasant half tortuous memory of growing up in a small town in the 70's and 80's. Nostalgia permeates my senses as I flip through a vintage magazine looking for just the right shade of blue to adorn a naughty raccoon.