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July 30

How Are We Connected?

Finding commonality in each other leads to understanding and appreciation. Grab a large piece of paper and markers. Have the first person write a fact about themselves like, "I read a book about Fiji." The next person adds, I want to go on vacation to Fiji, and so on. This connecting activity can be left out and completed over a long period and guests can add a comment at a convenient time. It is always a surprise to see how we really are all connected.

Looking for more?! Check out our past activities below! 

Two Truths and a Lie

Just how well do you know your friends and family? 2 Truths and a Lie will tell you!  Gather your gang and have each pal tell 3 things about themselves, two that are true, and one that’s not! Have everyone else guess which fact is actually false and reveal the answer after everyone has guessed. Giggle at the silliest lies and gasp at some of the truths!

Discover Your Unknown Talent

This game is a fun way to learn more about your friends. Maybe more than you wanted to know! Have every participant write a prompt on a piece of paper. It can be whatever you want! For example, a prompt can be "bust out your favorite dance move!" Once finished place the paper upside down on the floor. Next, participants stand in a circle and take turns throwing a bean bag on to the paper. If they land on or close to a square, they can nominate another participant to answer the question or take on the challenge!

Brain Booster Challenge

What happens when you write with your non-dominant hand? Your opposite hand unleashes creativity. This exercise strengthens neural connections in your brain, and even grows new ones.Use the three markers and small canvas to create something that brings you joy: perhaps a fern in a pot, or a child riding a bike, even a self-portrait!

Create a Meaningful Super Hero

Take a minute to draw a picture of your idea of a super hero! It can be a person, animal, plant, or object! Be sure to give your super hero a name and special powers!

Create a Hybrid Creature

Take a minute to think of your two favorite animals! Or write down a few different types of animals and place them in a jar. Pick two animals from the jar and draw them together as a hybrid creature! Laughter is sure to follow! Be sure to name your amazing creature!

Chalk Art

Write an inspirational message for your community to see at your doorstep in chalk! If you don't have access to chalk, post a message in your window or door for everyone to see!

Crazy Fashion Show!

Go through your closet and put together the craziest outfit you can find! There can be layers, multiple patterns, anything you can think of! The weirder the better! Now strut your stuff on an imaginary catwalk in your living room for your friends, family, pets or just you!