The lobby is closed today. All Hours

We are delighted to invite you to take a leisurely, social distancing stroll through our new “heART Walk” community art exhibit in the JUMP Park along the Front Lawn. This first-ever outdoor JUMP community art gallery features the inspirational designs from our community billboard contest submissions with their inspirational messages of hope, unity, and gratitude. It is our desire for this community art exhibit to lift the human spirit, bring joy to the world, spread love, and inspire a renewed appreciation of our caring and compassionate community.

Video & photography by Micheal McCullough.

Featured artists: 

Violet Swarthout - Contest Winner!!

Ashley Dreyfus

Brook Foster

Carrie Ludwigson

Celeste Killeen

Colleen Fletcher

Hale Grant

Isabella Metzger

Jennifer Metzger

Jocelyn Young

Jordin Hill

Karen Carranza

Kathleen Karpal

Kellie Ransley

Kelly Zimmerman

Maddie Page

Maximillian Teems

Michael Myers

Mitch Gentry

Penelope Wilson

Peyton Badger

Rachel Davey

Rita Nelson

Shanley Houk

Solvej Nielsen

Susan Erwin

Tiffany Eller

Veronica Richmond