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Instructor Spotlight

    Aldis Garsvo

     Play Studio
     Mountain Post-Digital Imaging, LLC     

"I have worked for nearly 35 years in television and visual arts. Much of that time was in Los Angeles where I was fortunate to have experienced all types of production ranging from corporate work to large sound stage film production. I started Mountain Post in 2003 on a leap of faith hoping to further my creative talents in the new world of digital cinema production. Since then, my mission has been constant personal growth and equipment upgrades. Now, I proudly offer 4K digital film productions. In addition, I have given back to the community by teaching an after-school video production class and presenting film workshops. I have a degree in broadcast engineering and have attended many film workshops to enhance my industry skills. The potential digital film offers drives my inspiration. What inspires me most is taking years of my production experience to explore all the possibilities this new media has for our film community in Boise."

What is your Passion?

"My passion is exploring and working in digital film. The other side of that is the opportunity to bring my talents to the community. I believe that as a seasoned professional I have the responsibility to give back to the community, a community that’s been good to me. I have done this by teaching at a local school and offering workshops in video production and editing."

Want to take a class with Aldis?

This quarter Aldis is teaching Learning Video Production, Introduction to Premiere Pro and Advanced Editing with Premiere Pro.

Non-Profit Spotlight

    Boise Elementary Spanish

     Inspire Studio

Boise Elementary Spanish (BES) provides immersive language education to prepare students for success in a multilingual world. BES believes that learning another language opens doors to new places, new cultures and deeper community connections. We believe in Idaho's dedication to excellence in education and working together to create strong communities. For 25+ years BES has worked to bring Spanish Learning to classrooms in Boise and we are working harder than ever to spread the love of language across the Treasure Valley.

Want to take a class with Boise Elementary Spanish?

This quarter Boise Elementary Spanish is teaching Mexican Hot Chocolate, An Afternoon with Frida Kahlo and a Make Your Own Piñata Party.