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Thank You for a Successful MXi!

What a great time we had at the inaugural Media Expo of Idaho. More than 40 media-related businesses from the local market and over 300 media professionals and enthusiasts attended this first-ever event. The diversity and depth of our media community is astounding and seeing all this talent in one room is truly inspiring. Thanks to CGWhat for developing a recap video of the day, which can be seen here. And a big thank you to the Idaho Virtual Reality Council for their major contributions to this event as well as the local VR community. It's an incredible emerging industry and we are poised to grow careers and businesses in this sector as the demand for these products grow. One takeaway that stuck with me from this event and keynote address from IVRC's Chairman, Ryan Deluca, was the idea of focusing the growth model of Idaho's VR and interactive media toward industries outside of gaming. While the market from gaming is saturated and the business model for ROI requires massive marketing budgets, building tools for the medical and scientific industries require much less capital out the door and a more sustainable business model for Idaho's interactive media companies. Another strong take-away from the overall feeling of the MXi was the reality of converging skill sets. While the room was filled with media makers in all realms of the market, these skill sets have incredible crossover. A CG artist may find themselves making FX for a film one day and assets for a VR game the next, or a script writer may be developing content for commercials, games, and episodics all for the same marketing strategy. As media continues to move away from the traditional consumption and into cross platform outreach, our industry in the Treasure Valley must make moves to anticipate this shift in the market. And as an industry, it was visually apparent on the expo floor that Idaho has the talent and is poised for the growth in this emerging and converging market.

Special thanks to our incredible speakers, tech demos, and exhibitors. Learn more about them and their businesses below.

Idaho Virtual Reality Council with Ryan Deluca, Preston Lewis, Annie Morley, Chuck Westerberg & Jim Bradbury
The IVRC is Idaho’s first networking and education council for Idaho’s leaders and innovators interested in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. The goal of the IVRC is to bring together people, technologies, and companies to create a thriving VR industry for the economic and social benefit of Idaho citizens and families. Networking events and educational seminars will help Idaho organizations to learn faster, cooperate on projects, and promote VR in Idaho.

North By Northwest
NXNW is a full-service digital studio focusing on video production, web development, custom photography, & creating integrated digital solutions.

Fresh Air Media Entertainment with Rebecca Evans & Aldis Garsvo
Fresh Air Media Entertainment (F.A.M.E.), is an innovative production company that combines the art of visual story telling with the compelling complexity of beautiful film. We create high-end productions that include commercials, Ad campaigns, documentaries, broadcast television, social media deliveries, branding and so much more. We've reshaped concepts such as the Writer's Room and Screenplay/Storyboard approaches to help create an end product that is timeless with a cinema-level finish.

Flying Fedora Film LLC. with Brandon Freeman
Flying Fedora Film LLC. is based in Boise, and has both a local and national focus - locally developing social media content for small businesses and non-profits in Idaho, while developing feature film and series concepts for production and/or sale to larger production companies and studios. In full operation since July 2016, Flying Fedora Film currently has two feature film scripts in development and has worked with over twenty Idaho clients.

Duck Club Presents with Megan Stoll
Megan is a partner in The Duck Club (a booking and promotions company), a co-founder of Treefort Music Fest and a co-host of ‘Explorations’ Wednesdays 5-7pm MT on Radio Boise KRBX 89.9 FM. She also has a dachshund named Penny. Megan is a North Carolina native, but calls Boise her home. She went from working in the corporate world to pursuing her love of music, art, and design. When she’s not scouring music blogs she works in creative marketing with Foerstel, Duck Club and Treefort Music Fest. In addition to helping promote shows at multiple venues in downtown Boise, she helps bands and brands gain visibility through various marketing objectives.

You can follow Megan on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @megsmallan (and on @foerstel, @duckclubboise and @treefortfest)
Title: Marketing/Creative Director, Treefort Music Fest

Recycled Minds Comedy with Sean Hancock, The Master of Ceremonies
Recycled Minds Comedy is an international comedy company based in Boise, ID that offers corporate training, classes and award-winning performances. They specialize in collaborating with companies to create improv-based learning and entertainment for their team. For more information or to contact RMC, visit their website at

Whole Brain Photo with Phil Morrow
Whole Brain Photo is Boise’s premier camera equipment rental company. We also offer photography education, consulting, eBay consignment sales, and video production services. Our goal is to serve the greater Boise area by providing a place where photographers can learn, try out new camera gear, and rent equipment. We’re proud to be a resource for local photographers and any production in a gear crisis.

A.J. Duthie Audio with A.J. Duthie
As a lifelong musician, AJ Duthie has had a relationship with sound throughout his life. Being active in the Boise underground punk and hardcore music scene gave him the opportunity to transition into audio engineering. AJ studied at Boise State University, earning a BA in Communication with an emphasis in Media Production, which gave him a strong foundation in video production skills. AJ has recorded and engineered multiple Boise musical groups and produced several music videos. Recently focusing on location sound, AJ has worked on sets ranging from personal projects to corporate video and independent films.

Citizen Scientific Workshop with David Ultis
Citizen Scientific Workshop creates educational STEAM educational projects and products that foster access and immersion in new and novel topics, ranging from robotics and 3d printing, to craft projects and game invention.

Lucky 13 with John Wee
John Wee is a local cinematographer with 15 years of experience behind the camera. He is also the owner of LuckyStudio13, an independent production studio based in Boise Idaho. He is also the creator of Idaho Indie Filmmakers group on Facebook. 

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A Huge Thank You to the amazing vendors at MXi!