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Media Expo of Idaho (Mxi)

JUMP’s first Media Expo of Idaho (MXi) is a yearly snapshot of what is happening with Boise media creators. We want to promote, explore, connect, and grow our local media community by providing an opportunity for startups, seasoned media companies and anyone in between to network with the talent we have in our own backyard and explore community resources in an expo style setting. 

MXi gives participating companies and individuals an annual connection point to share their work and ideas, connect with new business, pick up new tricks of the trade and explore local talent and opportunities. MXi will feature an Expo Floor in our JUMP Room with booth space available to exemplify your company brand or share your portfolio with new potential customers or collaborators. There will also be demonstrations such as Color Theory in DiVinci or Screenwriting Tips and Tricks in our Play Studio as well as Media Talks with industry experts in The Loft. This event is free and open to the public. Reserve your booth today, space is limited!

MXi will take place on Saturday, May 20th from 2:00 – 7:00 p.m. in the 5th floor JUMP Room at JUMP.  

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Keynote Speaker announced! 

Ryan Deluca, Co-Founder and CEO of Blackbox VR and Chairman of the Idaho Virtual Reality Council, will deliver a keynote presentation that offers insight into the VR revolution that’s sweeping the tech world and discuss how our community is uniquely positioned to benefit from the projected growth of this market. 

Expo Floor

Each booth on the expo floor has a footprint of an 8 ft backdrop and 10 ft side stanchions. The standard booth rental includes one 8 foot table with black skirting and two power outlets. Additions to this standard booth can be added during checkout.

In addition, several levels of sponsorship opportunities are available to raise your company profile and support local media. Apply in the Sponsorship section. 

Bring your REEL! In addition to showing off your brand in a booth environment, we have a unique video booth for patrons to experience your REEL in an immersive space. Cycling in five minute increments all day, this Immersive Booth will provides a screening space for prospecting clients to experience your reel in an immersive projection environment with a top-notch sound system. 

**Full schedule of events for Breakout rooms and Keynote will be published on May 1st.

Expo management reserves the right to restrict products/services that it deems, in its sole discretion, are not appropriate for the expo or in the best interest of the expo. If you decide to exhibit additional products other than those listed above, you must notify expo management prior to the beginning of the expo set-up for advance written approval.