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Planting the Seeds of Possibility

There's something magical about planting a seed and watching it grow, about seeing it sprout up from seemingly nowhere at all. We plant tender seeds of new ideas and possibilities every single day. Imagine life as a garden with the ability to grow anything – special goals and dreams, happy relationships, a loving family, or a great job or new business. Just like a garden needs rain, sunlight and weeding, our hopes, dreams, and aspirations need careful tending. Patience and perseverance are important as our seeds need time and room to grow. Planting the “idea seeds” will jumpstart the process, but a belief in the magic that anything is possible, along with action, energy, and enthusiasm will help cultivate a bountiful garden. So, here's to the curiosity that keeps the magic and wonder alive. Here's to taking it one day at a time. Here's to growing more patient in seasons of waiting, and more resilient because of what we’ve been through. Here’s to all the things we’d like to plant, and watch grow more beautiful this year. It's always the season to sow a seed.

Sunflower Challenge

Start planting your May flowers with our Mammoth Sunflower Challenge!
Did you know that sunflowers are among the easiest flowers to grow from a seed? All they need is 6-8 hours of continuous sun, water, and fertile soil. Mammoth sunflower seedlings can grow to almost nine feet tall with a bloom that can span 12 inches -making it the brightest, tallest, and most breathtaking flowers in the world! Our enthusiasm for sunflowers is contagious which is why we know everyone will want to participate in our Sunflower Challenge. 
Here is how it works:
Pick up sunflower seedlings and plant them in the little pots provided. The best time to plant a sunflower is after the last frost, so don’t move your seedling outside too soon. It takes 90 days for sunflowers to reach maturity in Idaho, providing a full summer of tending, loving, and watching magic in bloom as your flowers flourish!
Here's the rules:
·       Sunflowers must be home-grown using the Mammoth sunflower seeds from JUMP.
·       Limit of one entry per person. Multiple family members may enter.
·       Sunflower entries must be photographed and submitted by Friday, July 30th to or to one of JUMP’s social media sites at #JUMPBoise. 
·       Winners will be announced during our first annual Flywheel Festival at JUMP on Saturday, August 7th.
Categories are: Tallest Sunflower, Largest Head, Prettiest, Ugliest, and Most Unusual.

please submit your sunflower photos for the contest by July 30th to

The Mammoth Sunflower Challenge winners will be named at JUMP’s 1st Annual Flywheel Festival on August 7th.  There will be five different categories, and one winner in each category will be awarded with a fabulous party for 5 guests with burgers, cake, a private ride on our Spiral Slide! As if that wasn’t enough, the winners will all have command of the Flywheel Festival stage when accepting their prestigious awards!


Flywheel Festival

A home-grown party for our dear hootin’ Annie!

JUMP is hosting the 1st annual Flywheel Festival on August 7th. The festival is an opportunity to show off our amazing collections of over 100 tractors (50 on site at JUMP). But more than that, it marks the countdown to our dear old Kerosene Annie’s departure. She is going on an adventure, a real trip of a lifetime! While all the other tractors are a bit…jealous, we still want to make sure Annie remembers that her home is here at JUMP. After travelling to Minnesota for the….., where many admirers will tell her how smart she is, and how pretty she is, and how important she is to the innovation of tractors over the years; we want Annie to come home to Boise. So, we made her a promise. When she returns, we will have another party – even bigger than the one this year in August. Which is why this is the first annual event. It really is all about Annie!


Think of the Flywheel festival as a Debutante Ball for tractors. All of our young lady tractors and a few escorts are ‘coming out’ in their finest to share what makes them extra special. Any Ball worth its weight needs a spread of food, good old-fashioned games and great music. There will be bluegrass playing, lots of contests and games for kids and adults too.


Mark your calendars for the 1st Annual Flywheel Festival on August 7th. You can learn more about JUMP’s vintage tractor collection, and free weekly tours here