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If you are looking for a way to lift the human spirit and bring joy to the world, we invite you to enter this billboard contest to share your inspirational message of hope, unity, and gratitude.

Contest Rules:

All designs submitted must be the original artwork and owned by the individual listed on the entry form

By submitting artwork, the individual grants JUMP the license and right to use, modify and reproduce the artwork for any promotions and on any medium by JUMP or relating to JUMP. The individual grants permission forJUMP to display their name along with their artwork. 

All entries become the property of JUMP and will not be returned. 

Tips: remember the design is for a billboard, small details will not always be visible and going for BIG, BOLD, and SIMPLE is best.  

Motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians glance at billboards quickly and don’t have the time to read a long, drawn-out message. A rule of thumb is to keep text at seven words or less. 

Although you may love fancy fonts, they are not a good choice for outdoor advertising. Use simple, large fonts that are legible from great distances.

Original artwork Specifications:

Artwork and creative concepts must be the original work of and owned by the designer. 

Design must conform to the format of the template below: ( a ratio of 8"x3", 16"x6", etc)

Submissions must be electronic, however you may use any type of media to create your design
i.e. paper, canvas, paint, colored pencils, photos, computer generated, etc.

Designs must be submitted to with the following information included in the email: 

Submission Title:          Full Name:          Age:          Entrant's Email Address:          Entrant's Phone Number:

FILE FORMATS: If you created an electronic design the file must be at least 300dpi, all fonts outlined and a high resolution PDF. If you created a design on any other medium (i.e. paper, canvas, paint, colored pencils etc) a scan or photo of your design will be fine for your submission, however we will need the original piece upon selection to get a high resolution photo taken of your design, so hang on to your original piece. 

Download the Contest Entry Form

Winning Design:

One winning design will be selected by the JUMP Team Design Committee from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified by phone or email by Friday, May 29, 2020

The winning design will be produced and displayed on the billboard located on the JUMP site in downtown Boise at Front St. and 9th St. 

The billboard will run at a date TBD this summer 2020

The winning designer will be contacted

The winning designer will receive a JUMP Experience for them and 10 of their friends