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Maggie Soderberg

Mark Bowen
Operations Director

Kathy O’Neill
Community Engagement Director

Rose Buehler
Office Administrator

Jeff Hershey
IT & AV Manager

David Witt
System's Administrator

Khoa Nquyen
AV Coordinator & Content Capturer 
Sam Myers
Facilities Manager

Jorge Campos
Facilities Coordinator

Alonso Ambriz
Facilities Coordinator

Rob Bearden
Tractor Doctor

Jesse Cordtz
Play Studio & Make Studio Manager

Allie Talboy-Haller
Creative Team & Happiness Leader

Kelsey Parry
Creative Content Design Coordinator

Celina Innocent
Community Events Cultivator

Madeline Gere
Community Engagement Specialist

Ahnna Dudley
JUMP Experience Coordinator 

Jess Libes
Share Studio Coordinator

Miranda Heikkila-Palacio
Move Studio Coordinator

Lisa Jarussi-Smith
Inspire Studio & Volunteer Coordinator

Tiana Branch
Rentals Manager

Jessi Kotter
Rentals Coordinator

Stephanie Kurtenbach
Visitor Experience Cultivator

Alex McLaughlin
Visitor Experience Specialist
Mariele Malana
Visitor Experience Specialist 

Amanda Fitch
Visitor Experience Specialist

Sophia Jurassi-Smith
Visitor Experience Specialist

Visitor Experience Specialist

Maggi Szeles
Visitor Experience Specialist

Laurel Snight
Visitor Experience Specialist

Katie Hansen
Visitor Experience Specialist

Anita Claridge
Visitor Experience Specialist

Architectural Team
Adamson & Associates

Construction Team
Hoffman Construction Company
Michael McCullough

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