The lobby is closed today. All Hours

We are excited to invite you to participate in a community art installation, an outdoor art exhibit in the JUMP Park.

Lift the spirits of the community, foster creativity and spread love by participating in this outdoor art installation.

Artists are encouraged to pick up a 12-inch wooden heart (on a dowel) from JUMP beginning Monday July 27th through Friday August 7th from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at our building’s front entrance under the orange JUMP sign.  Please take the heart home, sand it, and paint a family-friendly design or image on it, then return the heART to JUMP by August 13th.  On the back of the heart, artists should include their name and contact information, whether it’s a website, email or social media page, where people can contact you to purchase your heart.

These hearts will be in bloom and on display in our beautiful park for approximately one month beginning in mid-August.  During this time, we will promote this Blooming Hearts exhibit and highlight participating artists via our website, e-newsletters, and social media sites to encourage the public to stroll through this heartfelt exhibit.  Please pick your hearts up by September 15th as remaining hearts will be spread throughout our community.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions pertaining to this exhibit, please submit your name, email address, and phone number to Lisa at