Today's Lobby Hours: 10:00am - 6:00PM All Hours

Thank you to our community collaborators in the Revive Fashion Show: Idaho Youth Ranch, Paul Mitchell-The School, Kyle Green Photography, Boise State Quintet, and Tatum Productions.

Local designers and creatives of all ages and abilities, came together at JUMP to create wearable art and fashion using thrifted and recycled items for the first ever Revive Fashion Show. Designers were generously provided access to the Idaho Youth Ranch warehouse to collect materials and “Revive” them into new, fashion items- turning them into works of art. The public was invited to the free fashion show highlighting sustainability, and how we can make more conscious choices to be kinder to our planet.



To view the rest of the photos taken by GREEN PHOTOGRAPHY click here. 

Featured Designers:

Ada Burke    |    Addison Craig    |    Aiyana Miller     |    Alexia Martinez   |    Anaya cline     |    Anita Claridge    |    Anna Price    |    Brittanee Wright    |    Brooklynn Wellman    |    Cambria Brann    |       Celeste Sanner    |    Chloe Muthiora    |    Colleen Riordan    |    Daisy Arevalo     |    Daisy Mae Garner    |    Dani Sanchez     |    Danielle Wellman     |    Dominique Kidder    |    Elliot Pirie    |    Evy Gunn    |    Hillin Jawad    |    Holland Van Noate    |    Hollie Thomson    |    Jahanara    |    Jessica Hughes    |    Jorge Negrete    |    Katarina Terzic    |    Kennedy Sandau    |    Laura Rabehl    |    Linda Marie Hilton    |    Madeleine Schulze    |    Madeline Stivison    |    Madison Romero    |    Marleis Bolinger    |    Mason Krause    |    McKenna Malvick    |    Michelle Cline    |    Mungo Casper Ligoya    |    Naomi Gibbs    |    Owen Hart    |    Rita Thara Yenga    |    River Taran     |    Sabina Poudel    |    Sara Cunningham    |    Sarah Sailors    |    Sasha Beres    |    Sasha Rosado    |    Savanna Cole    |    Shaun Muscolo    |    Sophia Gomez    |    Sophia Jacqueline Cruz-Aedo    |    Sophia Rosado    |    Stefanie Shepherd    |    Tannya Blackwood-Cluff    |    Travis Winters    |    Vale Smith    |    Veronica Rosado    |    Vicky Merina-Jekich    |    Yee-Ling Sin

Thank you to the Production team:

Neela Longstreet - Sound Technician 

Sophia Lee - Assistant Stage Manager  

Emerson (Emmy) Bingham - Assistant Stage Manager 

Misaki Hirai - Assistant Stage Manager 

Kathryn Parsley - Assistant Stage Manager 

And Thank you to our Volunteers:

Barbara Silvey

Shaun Muscolo

Shay Haas

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