Blooming HeARTS

400 Artists- Come Feel The Love in our Park

We are excited to share share this community outdoor exhibit in the JUMP Park.
Come have your spirits lifted by the creativity and love of this community art installation.

Thank you to Michael McCullough for the great video!

Come feel the love as you discover an incredible array of “Art from the Heart” in our Blooming HeARTs community art installation in the JUMP Park.  With more than 400 unique displays of artwork sprouting among the flowers throughout the urban park, this outdoor community gallery is designed to lift your spirits, foster creativity, and spread the love while remaining socially distant in the fresh air.

The heart, which has long been a symbol of friendship, affection, and love, represents the essence of human experience and emotion.  Blooming HeARTs is rooted in the belief that love, along with joy, kindness, enthusiasm, and creativity are all highly contagious and worth spreading.  As a community cultivator, JUMP has produced hundreds of wooden hearts and invited artists of all levels, from beginner and emerging to professional artists, to design the hearts and share their creative talents with the world through this Blooming HeARTs exhibit.

Stroll through this heartfelt exhibit while these hearts are in bloom until mid-September when they will be harvested by the artists and strategically planted in other locations throughout the community to continue spreading the love.

As you walk through the outdoor exhibit, if there is a HeART that catches your eye, please check the back of the heart for the artist’s name/contact info as several artists have expressed interest in selling their HeART. This is an ideal opportunity to purchase a piece of art for your home or to spread the love to others.  Note: Not all heARTs are for sale and several heARTists remain anonymous.

Download HeARTist Contact List Here |

More HeARTs from our Community Artists

-Barbara Harrison

-Rita Sturiale

-Maggi Szeles

-Caroline Burum