The MAKE Studio is a place of imagination, innovation and engineering. A place where anyone can be a builder, a tinkerer, an inventor or creator. The MAKE Studio creates opportunities for the community to collaborate and build something new or give new life to something old.  

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Open Source Resources 

The MAKE Studio leverages these online repositories to make our projects open source and free for the public to recreate or re-mix. Let us know if you use anything, we’d love to post about in our social media! 

Github | Instructables | GRAB Cad | Sketchup Warehouse 

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Repair Cafe

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Repair Café

Time: 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Toss it? No Way!


The Make Studio Community Project Program is an opportunity for anyone to become a JUMP volunteer and propose a community facing project utilizing JUMP spaces and equipment.  

Projects must have a community engagement or educational component, like a workshop, class, lecture, ‘how-to’ video series, collaboration with another non-profit, or a contribution to an open source resource like Creative Commons.  

We’re looking for volunteers who will benefit from the temporary use of a space, equipment, or support at JUMP and are committed to sharing their talents to inspire and cultivate the potential in others. 

Do you have a project idea?

Fill out the Community Project Application!


Do you have Questions?

Please reach out!

Interested in using the MAKE studio?

Check our listing of upcoming events! We are not currently offering any public classes however the Studio and tools are used by participants in volunteer projects, and we are always looking to add new volunteers and volunteer-driven projects. Our rule of thumb is simple—does your project give back to the community? If the answer is yes, then we’d love to hear from you! Our volunteers use the MAKE space to help fulfill JUMP’s mission of building a community and being a place to inspire human potential. Learn more about volunteering at JUMP!

Does the Make Studio offer any drop in family activities?

Occasionally, during 'building wide' events, such as First Thursday, the Make Studio will be open to the public and showcase a demonstration of technology, progress on a project, or something similar. Learn more about when these times are on our Events Calendar.  

That said, the Main Lobby often has a simple and fun arts & craft projects that you and your family can enjoy. See a current list of our free activities here.