Molly The Mule

Introducing our newest exhibit:
Molly the Mule!

Most of us associate mules with a strong will and stubborn nature, although many may not realize a mule was often a farmer’s best friend despite their reputation. We’re excited to introduce our new gal, Molly the Mule! 

Contrary to a mule’s reputation, Molly is a sweet, personable, animatronic mule that could easily be mistaken for a live animal when she brays and sways her head back and forth, tricking your brain into thinking she’s working out in the field.

Designed by Garner Holt Productions, Inc., known worldwide for its outstanding design and manufacture of animatronics including Disney and Universal Studios to name a few, Molly was built to feature a “One Horse Treadmill," a piece of agricultural equipment purchased by the late J.R. Simplot in 1998 when he attended an agricultural auction at Oscar’s Dreamland in Billings, MT. The One Horse treadmill is just one of 51 vintage steam engines, tractors, and farming implements featured at JUMP on the 7-acre park and campus shared with the J.R. Simplot Company. These inspiring examples of industrial art and innovation, some dating as far back as 1885, are strategically placed throughout the JUMP site to connect our agricultural roots to downtown Boise, the state of Idaho and beyond.

Stop by to meet Molly in her new home located just outside the Simplot company’s headquarters at the corner of 11th & Front Streets.