Día de Muertos

Join us for Día de Muertos Celebration at JUMP!

Jump is excited to once again host Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead on Thursday, November 2nd beginning at 5:00, along with a Mini Altar Workshop on October 28th!

Día de Muertos honors the lives of friends and family who have died, with food, drink, parties, and activities the deceased enjoyed in life.

This holiday is celebrated with a burst of color and life-affirming joy as those who have passed are kept alive in memory and spirit. This ancient tradition is based on the unity of life and death, and the belief that the dead would be insulted by sadness.


Entertainment and local dignitaries will open the celebration on the 6th level of JUMP and feature entertainers of all ages in colorful outfits and painted faces. List of performers below.

Pan de Muerto and Mexican cocoa will be served. 

Catrin and Catrina Contest will be set during the event on the JUMP stage, with prizes for the best outfits. Come dressed up! 

The centerpiece of Día de Muertos is the Altar, which welcomes spirits with offerings that include photographs, food, marigold flowers, and candles. Altars created by local families, students and organizations will be on display throughout the lobby. Crafts and activities will be in the lobby and Share studio.

Performances by:

Children’s Mariachi “Cantares de Mi Pueblo”
St Mary’s Dance Group                                                             
Open Arms Dance Project                                                   
Jose Luis Heredia Mexican Trick Roper
Norma Pintar
Elisa Garcia & Trio
Danza Azteca Tonatiuh
Oyamel Folkloric Dancers                   
Mariachi Tleyoltlzin   

Crafts & Activities:

Luminary Making

Honor your loved ones who have passed away by creating a luminary for them in our Share Studio kitchen. Place them along our Pioneer Pathway to see their spirit light up the night.

Butterfly Mosiacs

Sugar Skull paper masks

Additional Día De Muertos Activities at JUMP

To learn the meaning of Día de Muertos, join us for FREE workshops on Saturday, October 28th at 10am.

Monarch Migration

10:00AM, Celebration Circle, Level 1

Join us at 10am on Saturday, October 28th for a fun and artistic Monarch Migration for all ages throughout JUMP. We will be partnering with Open Arms Dance Project and City of Boise employees to learn the importance of supporting habitat for the monarch butterfly as part of the Mayor's Monarch Pledge. The Monarch Migration will begin at 10:00AM in Celebration Circle, located to the east of the North Entrance. Learn about the cultural and ecological significance of monarch butterflies and their connection to the Dia de Muertos holiday, while dancing a mini-migration path through JUMP!

Acompañanos el Sábado 28 de Octubre a las 10:00AM, en una Migración Monarca divertida y artística para todas las edades en JUMP. Nos asociaremos con Open Arms Dance Project y los empleados de la ciudad de Boise, para aprender la importancia de apoyar el hábitat de la Mariposa Moncarca como parte del compromiso de la Alcade de Boise. La Migración Monarca comenzará a las 10:00AM en el salon Círculo de Celebración, ubicado al este de la entrada norte. ¡Aprenda sobre el significado cultural y ecológico de las mariposas monarcas y su conexión con la festividad del Día de Muertos, mientras baila en una fila de mini-migración a través de JUMP!


11:00AM, JUMP Room, Level 5

Enjoy a cultural storytelling by Jacqueline Wright-Urrutia from 11:00AM-11:30AM in collaboration with the Idaho Commission for Libraries.

Disfruta de una narración cultural de Jacqueline Wright-Urrutia de 11:00 a. m. a 11:30 a. m. en colaboración con la Comisión de Bibliotecas de Idaho.

Mini Altar Workshop

11:30AM – 1:30PM, JUMP Room, Level 5

Iliana Sandoval will share the historical tradition of celebrating our loved ones who have passed by creating altars. Participants are encouraged to bring a photo, or small item that symbolizes the person to be remembered. This year we will be making sustainable altars from recycled shoeboxes. To guarantee an altar, please bring your own shoe box. A limited number of shoe boxes will be provided by JUMP, first-come-first serve. 

Iliana Sandoval compartirá la tradición histórica de festejar a nuestros seres queridos que han fallecido creando altares. Se sugiere a los participantes traer una foto o un objeto pequeño que simbolice a la persona a recordar. Este año haremos altares con cajas de zapatos recicladas. Para garantizar un altar, traiga su propia caja de zapatos. JUMP proporcionará un número limitado de cajas de zapatos, a los primeros que lleguen.


Sugar Skull Workshop

1:30PM – 2:30PM, JUMP Room, Level 5

Carolyn Bevington will discuss the importance of the sugar skull tradition during Dia de Muertos. Participants will learn to make and decorate sugar skulls. Supplies are limited, please be sure to reserve a spot, walk ins are first-come-first serve.

Carolyn Bevington hablará sobre la importancia de la tradición de las calaveras de azúcar durante el Día de Muertos. Los participantes aprenderán a hacer y decorar calaveritas de azúcar. Los materiales son limitados, asegúrese de reservar un lugar, los participantes sin reservación serán atendidos por orden de llegada.


November 2nd Headliner Elisa Garcia & Trio

sponsored by Cap Ed

The Elisa Garcia Trio plays Latin American folk songs from Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, down to Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. Bringing rhythms like huapango, boleros, cumbias, zambas, and candombes, the trio takes listeners on a journey through Latin America. Comprised of Uruguayan singer/guitarist, Elisa Garcia, Mexican percussionist Leo Munoz-Corona, (who has toured with artists like Willie Colon, Jaguares, Lucero, Juanes and many more), and Cuban-American pianist and founder of Miami Sound Machine, Dr. Raul Murciano. 

Elisa Garcia

Elisa Garcia was born in Uruguay, immersed in the sounds of tango and other Latin American folk music. At the age of eight, she relocated to the US with her family. Over the years, her interest in Latin America and other cultures in general led her to study Anthropology at CU Boulder. Her passion for music, dance, and art also led to a rediscovery of her own culture and in 2010 Elisa co-founded the Pan-American band, NuMundo, which created original songs inspired by Latin American rhythms. Her journey took her to Singapore and Los Angeles, where she continued to share the cultures of Latin America through music and dance. As a visual artist, Elisa has participated in several shows in Los Angeles and Boulder. More can be found on her website monaelisa.com

Dr. Raul Murciano, Jr.

Dr. Raul Murciano, Jr. has an extensive and impressive trajectory in the world of music including being a founding member, keyboardist, and musical director of the world-renown Miami Sound Machine (Gloria Estefan), recording studio owner, CEO of Bethania Records, composer, arranger, and music producer for film, radio, and television, as well as numerous artists. Murciano holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and both master's and Doctoral degrees in Music Composition. He served for 28 years in academia at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music as Full Professor of Practice and also as Dean of Administration. Following his recent move to the Denver area, Murciano created the Colorado Mambo Orchestra (COMO) to extol the impact of Cuban music and showcase its influence throughout the Hispanic, Anglo, and the entire Western world.

Leo Munoz-Corona

Leo Munoz-Corona was born in Mexico City and has travelled the world through music. His career started in piano, but Leo later turned to another passion, percussion, as a means to get by playing on the metro. Soon he was playing with big names in the worlds of Salsa, Latin Jazz, and Latin Rock, touring with Jaguares, Lucero, Juanes, Willie Colon, and many others. Leo is also a chef who's passion for cooking began at a young age while helping and learning from his grandmother. He's owned several restaurants in Mexico City and was the Executive Chef of Piedra Negra in Singapore. 

Special thanks to our Community Collaborators: 

 St. Luke’s

Idaho Commission of Libraries



A rolling photo exhibit will be featured on the outdoor JUMPotron during the Día de Muertos celebration.