Dreamweaver Film Festival

Dreamweaver Film Festival 

Saturday July 20, 2024 | 5PM

You are invited to a celebration of creativity and fanciful fun in the Pioneer Room (Level 6) to celebrate our 3rd Dreamweaver Film Festival! Amateur and professional filmmakers from the Treasure Valley and beyond have been invited to premier their short films (15 minutes and under) in a variety of genres. The theme this time is "Quest" so feel free to dress the part and join us for this free event for the whole family.  

All films are rated PG or G and appropriate for all ages. Outdoor seating provided. Food and drinks will be available for purchase. 

Check out the films from our 2nd Dreamweaver Film Festival made by our Dreamweaver Collective with the theme: DREAM


The Dreamweaver Collective at JUMP 

The Dreamweaver Collective is JUMP’s film production initiative to engage people in our community interested in the different elements of film production. The Dreamweaver Collective is a series of workshops designed to explore a particular element of film production including screenwriting, filmmaking, production design, postproduction, directing and broadcasting. Participants are coached and encouraged to work together to produce a series of short films based on a common theme. Participation in the Dreamweaver Collective is free and open to the public.

Films produced during the Dreamweaver Collective will be premiered during the Dreamweaver Film Festival.  

Workshop Descriptions 



Screenwriters are the trailblazers of Dreamweaver Collective. Working in groups of 2-4 people, participants will collaborate to write scripts that will eventually be produced by our filmmakers. The screenplays are developed from scratch and will go through the entire process including editing and revision. In this workshop participants will learn and improve on proper formatting, story structure, and writing skills. Sign up for screenwriters workshops.


The filmmaker’s workshop is the largest and most diverse workshop as it consists of the entire film production team. This includes actors, grips, camera operators, production managers, and the director of the film. The filmmaker’s workshop will educate those involved about the various elements of filmmaking. Each participant is encouraged to explore the elements that interests them the most whether that is how to scout locations, frame a shot, different shot techniques and so much more.  Sign up for filmmakers workshops.

Production Design: 

The production design workshop is for those who would like to make the props, costumes, set pieces, and makeup. Participants can learn the ins and outs of production design. They will be working with the screenwriters and filmmakers to help construct, fabricate, or create whatever is necessary for the specific scene being filmed.  


Our postproduction workshop is the last piece of our film puzzle. Participants will have access to Adobe Creative Suite programs and receive coaching to learn basic to advanced level of editing in Premier Pro, After Effects, and a little bit of Audition.  


The Broadcasting team will be separate from the rest of the workshops. This workshop will assist the JUMP team with events that need to be live streamed and work on small-scale documentaries for local non-profit organizations. In future installments of the Dreamweaver Collective, broadcasting workshop participants will capture behind-the-scenes footage of large-scale films. Participants will learn more about the professional world of Broadcasting and how to accomplish feats such as: networking interviews, proper lighting & framing, proper editing, and more. 


Our directors will oversee the filmmakers group. However, they will need to be put through an interview process and vetted by our JUMP Team. The directors will also be in another position besides director on another team.  

Directors will not be able to direct their own script. We will also have openings for assistant directors who will “apprentice” under the directors to teach them about directing skills.