Story Story Night - HEARiNG

Program Details

WHEN: Jan 31, 2023

TIME: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

BUCKET: Concert/Performance


It’s time to come to your senses. Literally (but also metaphorically) with true stories on a perceptive theme, told live on stage and without notes. Ever wanted something so bad you could taste it? Maybe briefly lost touch with reality? Or smelled like teen spirit? Here we are now. Entertain us.

True stories told live onstage by the people who lived them. Authentic. Inspiring. Spontaneous. Story Story Night is a live storytelling phenomenon/nonprofit organization that provides a forum for our community to share real experiences on stage and without notes. With a wide range of shows and studios, Story Story Night explores the power and possibility of personal narratives and helps people of different perspectives connect and reflect on the common threads that unite us all.

When: Tuesday January 31st from 7pm to 9pm
Where: Pioneer Room at JUMP
Cost: $12. Get Tickets HERE