Giggling for Good

Join us in January as we JUMPstart the new year by letting the laughter bug loose – it’s undeniably contagious, good for your health, brings a smile to people in our community, and is worth spreading. 

JUMP is on a quest to kick off 2023 with grins, giggles, and guffaws as laughter fuels positive energy and connections, improves creativity, and reduces stress. And as everyone is looking for more meaning in their lives, giggling can help fuel the uplifting art of Open Arms Dance Project! Donations will go directly towards dancer scholarships, anti-bullying programs in schools, and free public performances that open hearts, minds, and arms. 


1. Giggle & Give

Crack-up, chuckle, and grin. Watch budding comedians deliver humorous punchlines on our large JUMPotron screen in the park and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for a jolt of humor. 
These jokes from folks will have you rolling!

How to Participate in Giggle & Give:

  • Giggle & Give is open to all students ages 12 and under. If you have a joke to share, here is how:

    • Record your favorite joke 

    • Sign the model release form giving permission for us to show your joke online and on our large outdoor JUMPotron screen in the park.

    • Send your recording and signed release form to

    • Jokes will be played on our large outdoor JUMPotron screen daily during

2. Giggling feels good

So does donating to Open Arms Dance Project & their mission to create greater joy and compassion in our community with dance that opens hearts, minds, and arms!



3. Celebrate the Fun! 

Wander through the JUMP Park and don't be surprised to find yourself laughing out loud at the hilarious jokes streaming on the JUMPotron, large smiley face emojis galore, and a joyous feeling that warms your heart! Creative installations throughout the park and lobby will keep you laughing all month long! Plus, catch these free classes and performances from Open Arms Dance Project:

Tiny Tots, January 14th | 10-11am. 
Adult/Child dance class, ages 2-6 years old. Come have some fun dancing and learning about the Grump Meter – an emotional regulation tool for kids and families. Then explore how dancing with your loved one brings fun, joy, and connection. 

First Thursday, February 2 | 5:30-7:30pm. 
See the powerful art you’re supporting – see Upstanders in action, and learn about the Grump Meter, an emotional regulation tool for daily life!