Teal Gardner


Can we dream as animals? 

Teal Gardner, local artist, educator, and founder of the Ecogeoglyphic Observatory, is partnering with the Dr. Libby Ehlers from the University of Montana and her team, including scientists from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Bureau of Land Management, and the Yukon Department of Environment, which studies the Fortymile Caribou herd's foraging behavior using video collars. The Fortymile is one of Alaska’s 31 herds of caribou living from the Canada border west to Adak Island. 

Teal will be constructing a dreamy room-within-a-room that will feature the videos from the Caribou collars projected onto gauzy fabrics dyed with lichen. She explores the questions; what do animals dream, what does it mean to dream from the perspective of an animal, and how can this act of interspecies dreaming help humans develop more expansive ecological empathy and awareness? 

FIND her dreamscape in the MOVE Studio on level 5.