REVIVE Fashion Show


Local designers and creatives of all ages and abilities, have come together at JUMP to create wearable art and fashion using thrifted and recycled items for JUMP's Revive Fashion Show. Designers were generously provided access to the Idaho Youth Ranch to collect materials and “Revive” them into new, fashion items- turning them into works of art. The public is invited to the free fashion show highlighting sustainability, and how we can make more conscious choices to be kinder to our planet.


Sarah Alford | Daisy Arevalo | Espen Bale | Deborah Bell | Deja Berria | Eveah Bolden | Morgan Bolden | Carol Bowman | Livia Briggs | Lynn Briggs | L Cahoon | Cassidy Cardella | Jan Ciano | Tannya Cluff | Savanna Cole | Juliana Davidsmeier | Holly Dickinson | Paola Eldredge | Payette Eldredge | Sophia Enriquez | Adalie Frazee | Moira Garity | Daisy Garner | Shea Gilis | Judy Hallett | Ella Hansen | Sofia Hanson | Linda Marie Hilton | Mary Ann Hurt | Hillin Jawad | Vicky Jekich | Evelyn Jelsovsky | Genea Jenkins | Brandi Kahler | Kori Kendall | Dominique Kidder | Stephanie Kurtenbach | Hayda Lara | Crystal Lewis | Aiyana Miller | Lucy Millar | Daniela Morales | Laya Nicole Morris | Shaun Muscolo | Jorge Negrete | Ellen Pineda | Penelope Pollard | Laura Rabehl | Maia Rehman | Laura Rogers | Sherri Rudai | Monica Sailors | Sarah Sailors | Joseph Salinas | Olive Mbulambo Shamakwete | Clara Shifrin | Tia Short | Madeline Stivison | Katarina Terzic | Ellen Warner | Lily Welcker | Maureen Welcker | Brooklynn Wellman | Danielle Wellman | Yao Yin | Jade Kujala Ziker | Scarlett Kujala Ziker

Check out the video of this year's show:

See the photos from the event here.

Interested in Volunteering at REVIVE next year?

We would love help with:

Hair & Makeup, Audio/Visual, Camera Crew, Photogaphers, Sewers, Music Coordinators, Fabric MAgicians, Event Production crew, Modeling/coaching, Thrift FLip Session Leaders, sustainability enthusiasts, paper folders, more!


More on Sustainability in Fashion:

TED TALK - 3 creative ways to fix fashion's waste problem

A Stylish Investment: Making Fashion Sustainable

Sustainability Resources in Boise:

Donation Sites for Used Clothing

If you have clothing that you don’t love anymore, but is still in wearable condition, consider donating it to a thrift store or other local organizations. The Idaho Youth Ranch is a great option, and helped sponsor the REVIVE Show!

Donation Sites for Any Textiles

If you have clothing that is worn out and not in the condition to be re-worn, a great way to keep it out of the landfill is textile recycling. Unfortunately, Boise does not have any specific textile recycling centers. However, the Boise Reuse Market is a donation based craft (and everything) store that can accept fabric donations, so they can be made into something new!

Good on You

If you want to shop sustainably, but are unsure how to get started or where to shop, this website gives various brands a “sustainability score” after analyzing their business practices and environmental footprint. It is also available as an app!

Textile Repair

Repairing your clothing or accessories when they rip or snag is a great way to make your pieces last longer, but if sewing isn’t in your skillset, finding a way to repair becomes a little more difficult. Unfortunately, Idaho isn’t home to many Textile Repair services, but the two links below showcase maps of different places across the world you can ship out your items in need of repair to. 

Sustainability Information