Illumibrate 2023

That's a Wrap!

Thank you so much for joining us on Friday, March 3rd for Illumibrate 2023! It was a huge success! A big thanks to all the amazing work from our artists, collaborators, and volunteers for contributing to this enormous undertaking. Thank you to the community for coming out to participate in this amazing and inspiring event! If you missed the event, please check out these highlights below!

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This years theme was Light & Animals 

How does light effect animals? How does light trigger the migration patterns of birds and other animals? Explore the answers to these questions and more in the immersive, interactive, and educational environment of ILLUMIBRATE 2023: LIGHT & ANIMALS.

Local artists, community members, non-profits, and organizations have spent countless hours creating exhibits and playful creatures of gigantic proportions! Guests will be invited to dive into an aquatic lounge, dine with a pack of wolves, find your inner feline, follow a migration path of birds and butterflies, and much more. 

Illumibrate Featured Artists


Birds of Prey NCA Partnership

Bleeding Torch Fellowship

FUSE Dance Collaboration, LLC  


Idaho Humane Society

James Sartor & Justin Kittell

The Barber Sensory Ecology Lab | Boise State University

Leadership Boise

Longfellow Elementary School


Nik Rijavec  


Tad Bradley

Wild Lens Inc

Wolf Conservation Center

Music Performances

IFFA Creatives

The Family Dog


In the media

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What is Illumibrate?

/iˈlo͞oməˌbrāt/verb 1.
To illuminate and celebrate the human spirit and our connectedness as a community.
2. A combination of the words illuminate & celebrate.
Illumibrate Light & Colour Festival is FREE family-friendly event. An awe-inspiring evening of colour, lights, and community engagement at JUMP on March 3. We hope you will join us!