Repair Cafe

Toss it? No way. Bring it to the Repair Café!  

The City of Boise and JUMP invite you to bring a personal treasure back to life at a Repair Café. These free community events enable neighbors to help each other reduce waste and keep reusable home goods in circulation by repairing them together. Bring one item in need of repair and a team of volunteers will help you diagnose and repair it in a relaxed, social setting. If we can’t fix it, we’ll help you research repair options available to you and recommend next steps.  

What can I bring? 

The Repair Café will have repair stations for clothing and textiles, small electrical appliances, non-electrical household items, personal electronics, books, and general glue and adhesive. Suitable items for repair include clothing, linens, shoes, bags, lamps, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, tools, mobile devices, toys, jewelry, ceramics, wood, plastics, books and more. If you think it can be repaired at one of our repair stations, let’s give it a try! One (1) item per person. Items must weigh under 50 lbs. You must be able to carry your item to, during and from the event. 

What can’t I bring?

We will not be repairing bicycles, firearms, knives and blades, large appliances, gas-powered machinery, or any item that could create a health or safety hazard. No pets or unattended minors, please.  


Join us at the Repair Café!

Upcoming Repair Café dates:

April 18 | 4-7PM | JUMP Room (L5)

August 22 | 4-7PM | JUMP Room (L5)


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Upcoming Repair Cafés



Repair Café

Time: 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Toss it? No Way!

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