Illumibrate: A Light & Color Festival

 JUMP's 5th Annual Illumibrate : Light & Color Festival, a Free to the public event featuring enormous art exhibits, specialty food and drinks, and family-friendly entertainment.  

This years theme : Light & Animals 

How does light effect animals? What is circadian rhythm? What do animals see that our human eyes cannot? Do owls see more stars than us? Why are cats' pupils vertical slits, while human pupils are round? Why do cats like string and lasers? How did eyes develop in the first place? How does light trigger the migration patterns of birds and other animals? Explore the answers to these questions and more in the immersive, interactive, and educational environment of ILLUMIBRATE 2023 : LIGHT & ANIMALS. Become a cat, chase lasers, and make a huge mess of string on the dance floor! Dive into the past when eyes first evolved in a primordial black light ocean, and follow a migration of birds and butterflies, through many ecosystems and secret places. 

Local artists, community members, non-profits, and organizations have spent countless hours creating exhibits and playful creatures of gigantic proportions! Funded through the Illumibrate Grant Program, participants are empowered to develop creative expressions of Light and Animals. Guests will be able to dive into an anachronistic ocean, dine with a pack of wolves, find your inner feline, follow a migration path of birds and butterflies, and much more. 

Come dressed in your craziest colors, light up shoes and blinky bike lights welcome!

Illumibrate Featured Artists


2023 Collaborators 

Birds of Prey NCA Partnership

Casey Scalf

FUSE Dance Collaboration, LLC  

Idaho Humane Society

James Sartor  

Jessie Barder Lab | Boise State University

Longfellow Elementary School  

Mitch Gentry   

Nik Rijavec  

Wild Lens Inc

Wolf Conservation Center


Since part of this years' illumibrate experience is taking place in the 3rd and 4th levels of our parking garage, Parking for this event will be limited to our underground level parking.

What is Illumibrate?

/iˈlo͞oməˌbrāt/verb 1.
To illuminate and celebrate the human spirit and our connectedness as a community.
2. A combination of the words illuminate & celebrate.
Illumibrate Light & Colour Festival is FREE family-friendly event. An awe-inspiring evening of colour, lights, and community engagement at JUMP on March 3. We hope you will join us!