For ILLUMiBRATE 2024 we explored DREAMS. Who can you be when you dream? Dreams can be aspirational, exhilarating and expand what we see as possible. On March 9th, 2024, the JUMP building was transformed with color, light and interactive art and installations from local creatives and nonprofits. The building was filled with interpretations of dreams that come in all shapes and sizes; from whimsical daydreams that delight us to motivational dreams that inspire us. Everyone dreams and this event examined and celebrated this connection in us all.

Illumibrate is a free to the public, family friendly, light and color festival. This year was our first time expanding ILLUMiBRATE to a full day event to welcome more people, and in an effort to manage the crowd we asked people to RSVP with a free ticket through eventbrite. This was wildly successful and allowed for an estimated 12,000 attendees – WOW! Despite the record-breaking attendance, the event felt wonderfully spacious, maintaining a comfortable flow of people throughout the day.

We enjoyed DREAMing with you at ILLUMIBRATE 2024! 



Through our creative residency pilot program, we're honored to present three local artists working across many disciplines and mediums, with upcoming installations for Illumibrate 2024: Dreams. These artists worked closely with JUMP for 6 months, teaching us about the Boise art scene and expanding our definitions of art. We hope you appreciate their work as much as we do.

Casey Scalf

Tad Bradley

Teal Gardner



In addition to the resident creatives JUMP collaborated with 20+ artists and organizations to cultivate a truly spectacular experience this year. Under the umbrella of the theme "DREAMS" each space in the JUMP building was transformed into custom "dreamscapes" addressing questions like: how do we dream? Can we control our dreams? Where can your dreams take you? Check out the schedule and list of artists:

Park: How Do We Celebrate Our Dreams?

4–10:30PM | Mini Silent Disco by Kaleidisco

SKIP: How Do We Know When We Are Dreaming?

11AM–11PM | Artwork by Casey Scalf

Lobby: Where Can Your Dreams Take You? 

11AM–11PM | Artwork by Sage International School, Jorge Negrete and JUMP Slide Team

11AM–11PM | Kiosk video by Roland Becerra

12–5PM | Various Community Performances 

6–10PM | Performances by Boise Circus Guild 

Garden Terrace: Do you Dream in Color?

7–11PM | Dream Spinner by Chris Callor

4-10:30PM | The Spins Bar 

INSPIRE Studio: Where Do We go in Our Dreams?

11AM–11PM | Artwork by Alyse Ambriel-Hanna and Brie Schettle

11AM–11PM | Kiosk video by Roland Becerra

The Deck: Do You Dream of Cosmic Adventures?

11AM–11PM | Artwork by BSU Film Club 

4-10:30pm | Milky Way Bar

The Loft:Can we help ourselves Dream? 

11AM-5PM | Dream yoga by Debra Murphy

5-11PM | Storytelling by Story Story Night 

MOVE Studio:Can We Dream as Animals?

11AM–11PM | Artwork by Teal Gardner

JUMP Room Lobby:What is it to be in-between Dreams?

11AM–11PM | Artwork by Justin Blauch   

11AM–11PM | Kiosk video by Roland Becerra

JUMP Room:Can Dreams Reshape our Concept of Self?

11AM–11PM | Artwork by Tad Bradley and Joesph Haskin

Pioneer Lobby: What is it to be in-between Dreams? 

11AM–11PM | Artwork by Willow Wells

Pioneer: Can You Control Your Dreams? 

11AM–11PM | Artwork by the Backyard Artists

4-10:30PM – Lucid Lounge Bar



These projects are made possible by the generous sponsorship of:

Valiant Productions   

AVI Systems   

Growing Wild  

Idaho Live Sound

Food Trucks

Celebration Circle | [12–2PM] + [5-10PM]


Big Beantz Tacos

Churro Bros

Off the Grid Pizza


Illumibrate 2023